Frequently Asked Questions

14 Top Questions

1) Why Dane Warren Real Estate compared to Traditional 6% - 7% Commission Real Estate Firms?

I am a Full Time Broker with 26 years of Closed Transactions. My elite marketing and negotiating skills. My lower fees are just the beginning of the financial benefits my clients will receive. Trust friends and family when it comes to a great place to vacation or general location to live. Trust Dane Warren when it comes to Buying and Selling Real Estate, I am one of the Top 1% of Brokers in Metro Charlotte.

2) How does Dane Warren Real Estate provide "listing to closing" services?

Dane Warren will post your home in the Charlotte Metro MLS System, which allows your home to be put into the Internet Data Exchange Portal. Your home will be advertised on over 1,000 web sites using IDX/MLS/ Systems. Dane Warren will provide pricing analysis to meet current market conditions that will take into consideration the homeowners timeline to sell their home. A photo shoot will be setup to ensure the best photos are used to post into the MLS system. We will secure the best terms during the offer to purchase phase and manage potential inspection issues the buyer or inspector may find. Our full time professional closing broker will manage the closing process with the least amount of stress to our clients.

3) Why is Dane Warren Real Estate Inc., successful in the Metro Charlotte and surrounding areas?

a. We adjust and change with market trends to best serve our clients
b. We have closed over 3,000 real estate transactions
c. Our experience has prepared us to serve our clients best interest at a level few brokers and real estate offices ever reach.
d. Our referral base grows each year

4) Why do so many people still list with Brokers charging 6%?

Fear about less service and marketing promoted by firms charging 6% or 7%. Many homeowners do not realize commissions are negotiable. Many times homeowners like to hire a trusted friend or family member working part-time (4 or less transactions a year) under a higher commission Real Estate Company. This type of comfort can be costly in many ways.

5) Why do I need an agent at all?

Not many of us pull out our own teeth or set our own broken bones. Some folks may not want but probably do need a professional Real Estate Broker. The main reason so many sellers use Dane Warren Real Estate Inc., is for our experience and marketing. We counsel you on pricing your home, marketing your home, and most important, negotiating the best terms for you and managing your transaction throughout the closing process. We like to make sure our clients are prepared for closing by eliminating unnecessary stress when buying or selling.

6) Do we also represent buyers?

Yes we represent both sellers and buyers and have many years of experience in working with buyer's unique desires. We also offer a Cash Back / Rebate Incentive for buyers.

7) Why aren't other brokers offering lower fees?

Traditional real estate brokerage is entrenched and change is slow. The Internet has helped to speed up the old school way of providing service to buyers and sellers as well as property management. Dane Warren Real Estate has always offered lower fees in the Metro Charlotte market and now notice a number of discount firms following our pricing models. Beware of internet Brokers without boots on the ground in Metro Charlotte.

8) Do you provide a CMA or SMA?

Yes, we provide you a Selling Market Analysis that will give you the best information to price your home within a range that fits your motivation to sell.

9) Will my MLS listing look the same as larger local and national real estate firms?

Yes and in fact our clients find that our photos and presentation looks better in the MLS system than other local and national real estate offices that they have used prior to listing with our firm.

10) What is Broker Assist Service?

A Broker Assist Listing is when a broker does not help with initial listing setup or contract negotiations when offers come in. Once our client has a ratified contract in hand, our full time closing Broker will assist the seller all the way to final review of the Closing Disclosure / HUD1 for closing. We do offer Photo Editing, Showing Service, Sign and Lockbox to help our clients set up their new MLS listing.

11) Will a yard or window sign and lockbox be provided with a Broker Assist Listing?

YES and this service will include our MLS Centralize Showing Servcie too.

12) Do buyer agents avoid our Broker Assist listings?

No, buyer agents want to see that they are going to be compensated verses an unknown "for sale by owner" Listing service.

13) What should I be aware of when using a Flat Fee MLS Service Provider?

Many Internet brokerage firms local and national claim to be full service. These Firms list a large number of homes with a LOW SUCCESS RATE of homes that close, forcing you to pay 6% Later and taking a lower price!

We are a full service boots on the ground real estate firm here in Metro Charlotte with a HIGH SUCCESS RATE of homes listed that close!

Internet Brokers or Local Full Service Brokers without the experience will cost you equity dollars that far exceed commission expense!

a. Be sure your Flat Fee MLS service provider has a local office in your area so they can better service your needs.
b. Can your provider upgrade your listing to a Full service listing by meeting with you at your home and provide the service?
c. Will your Flat Fee service provider have to refer you to a local real estate firm to upgrade your service?
d. Be sure to price your home to compete well in the MLS and provide good photos to enhance your MLS listing.
e. Never use a Flat Fee MLS service that takes all their compensation upfront with No compensation once the home closes.

14) What should I be aware of if I market my home For Sale by Owner?

a. Avoid Internet based real estate firms, why take the chance with your home, limited or full service!
b. Buyers in many cases may not be able to secure a loan and your home could be off the market for months.
c. Advertising your home is very expensive and just because you can does not mean you should.
d. When buying, same principle applies, just because you can buy without an experienced agent does not mean you should.